Charlotte Wedding Bosses is a community of Charlotte, NC’s most experienced and talented wedding professionals. Below you will find membership requirements and the benefits of membership.



To qualify for Charlotte Wedding bosses an applicant must have:

– A MINIMUM of (3) years as a Charlotte wedding professional.
– Work with a minimum of (12) wedding clients per year (for a minimum of (3) years).


Each boss must have a professional website with a gallery of images that represent their services to clients.


Charlotte Wedding Bosses must have positive online reviews and peer recommendations Bosses must also have no outstanding claims or complaints against their business. (Such as Better Business Bureau complaints)


Wedding Bosses must conduct a majority of their business in Charlotte, NC (and surrounding areas)


Inclusion in targeted directory of experienced wedding pros optimized by an SEO expert for many ‘keywords’ to attract couples getting married in Charlotte and destination weddings. (With focus on ‘local destinations’ wedding in NC, SC and VA)

Inbound linking to your website (“google juice”)

An annual feature written on your business

Annual Professional Headshot

Access to a community of exceptional local Charlotte wedding pros (Including a Facebook community, private events for both members)

To request a copy of our application for membership: