3 Top Charlotte Wedding Photographers Discuss their Signature Styles


Selecting your Charlotte NC or Destination Wedding Photographer may seem like a daunting task as the Queen City is FILLED with not only a ton of photographic talent–but photography styles are nearly as abundant!

Sorting through google searches on ‘photography styles’  can leave with you with a long list of categories that may or may not mean anything to you.   (And, each individual photographer’s interpretation of those definitions can vary greatly as well.)

We have asked 3 of our Charlotte Wedding Boss Members to tell us about their ‘Signature Photography Styles’ in their own words. (versus wedding photography jargon — and with a few gorgeous images to compliment their words, naturally;-)

….perhaps you just may just find a style that is a perfect fit for you!


‘romantic, dramatic, modern’

ELLY’S PHOTOGRAPHY-Owner, Elizabeth Stryker:

“I think the one thing that defines me as a photographer is my use of light. Not just using light, but using it to capture a feeling. I believe every moment, every portrait, and the way I photograph them matter. I want my clients to look back at their images and not only fall in love with themselves, but fall in love with their life and everyone in it.”  -Elly

charlotte modern bridal portraits



charlotte bold wedding photographer

charlotte bride twirl dress


‘classic, clean, timeless’    

LINDSEY LEE PHOTOGRAPHY– Owner, Lindsey Lee Hartsell:

“Clean, crisp and classic images are what identify my signature style…and, well, being a part of your family is another!  My bride’s welcome me with open arms and I often feel like the extra bridesmaid without a dress!  Capturing moments in a timeless style are what set my work apart and you can count on me to deliver images that make you and your family proud.  Sweet moments, vibrant light, natural posing and a focus on making you feel your best and most beautiful is how I stand apart.”  -Lindsey


classic bridal portrait nc


bride and mom charlotte


charlotte engagement session with dog



‘Bold, elegant, emotion-drenched’


My signature style consists of bold and emotive images.  My hope is that you FEEL something when you see my images..  Whether you know the subject or not—you can feeel their joy, excitement, nervousness…   I do not want to simply  ‘catch’ moments but do so in an artful and elegant way.   My overall ‘style’ has evolved in the past 4 years since I was married.  (When I learned I sort of  ‘wanted it all’ from my photographer. :-))  I wanted our story to be told authentically….but I also wanted just straight-up gorgeous images of my husband and I.  (Like something that could have been pulled from a magazine.)   My focus is on making sure each coulple receives both—their authentic wedding story combined with ‘signature images’ of the bride and groom that take their breath away.   -Cass

modern bridal portrait charlotte

Vanlandingham Estate wedding by BlueSky by Cass Bradley

charlotte rainy wedding bride umbrella

bridesmaids with veil blowing in wind

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To see more work from Elly, Lindsey or Cass you can visit their websites here:

Featured Charlotte Wedding Boss Members:

ELLY’S PHOTOGRAPHY-Owner, Elizabeth Stryker

LINDSEY LEE PHOTOGRAPHY– Owner, Lindsey Lee Hartsell