Charlotte Bridal Boudoir  (The Ultimate wedding day gift for your groom)

If you have been browsing the popular wedding blogs and flipping through wedding magazines you may have seen Bridal Boudoir mentioned here and there. So you are asking yourself what exactly is Bridal Boudoir? Bridal Boudoir is a style of photography producing sexy photos of the bride to be in lingerie, yielding the perfect gift to give the groom on the wedding night. Most boudoir photographers offer photo albums that can be presented with the sexy photos.

Boudoir photo sessions are a great idea for brides who want to give an unforgettable gift to their groom. The photos can be simply sexy, smoking hot or tailored to fit their personal level of modesty. Some brides want to flaunt their curves and show some skin while others want to bare less but still share their sexy side.

For the photo shoot brides can incorporate their wedding accessories and bridal lingerie to create a bridal boudoir look. Other pieces of lingerie can be added in the shoot to create a variety of beautiful images. Boudoir is not a new trend but Bridal boudoir has exploded in popularity in the last few years.  ~Critsey Rowe/Couture Boudoir

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Images and article by Charlotte wedding Boss Member:  Critsey Rowe/Couture Boudoir