Charlotte Wedding Boss Founder/Destination Wedding Photographer, Cass Bradley,  dishes on why you should  ‘pack your photographer’ for your destination wedding 

To me, there is nothing like a destination wedding.  There is just something inherently romantic and adventurous in electing to marry on mountain tops, the shores of sandy beaches, in private estates or vineyards.

Yet–one item you should not leave up to ‘adventure’ is the person you decide on to document your day–your destination/elopement wedding photographer.

My personal advice–hire someone you trust,  (Preferably local to your own city or highly referred by someone you know and trust. ) whose work you have seen, albums you can touch and personality you can get to know. Why?

1.)  HIRING THE RESORT PHOTOGRAPHER CAN BE ‘Meh’-  If you choose to marry at a more traditional ‘resort’ many include a ‘photographer.’  However, they are often inexperienced and/or paying the resort a fee to be referred, or just not the photographer you would have hired if given a choice between styles/personalities.   No matter how stunning your destination–a mediocre photographer may not do you/your location justice. (The good news is–you have a choice to ‘pack’ your own;-)

2.)  A LOCAL PHOTOGRAPHER BETTER INSURES A GOOD EXPERIENCE-  Sure–you still need to do your homework…but your ‘homework’ is right down the street!  (This list is a great pace to start🙂  However, when you take the time to prescreen a photographer in Charlotte–you can often visit their studio, get to know their personality and how they operate.  By bringing your local photographer along for the ride–there is little chance of a language barrier or worse yet–an out-of-town contract that doesn’t hold water. How do you know that photographer you found on the internet in Italy is reputable and will deliver as promised?

3.) TRUST AND COMFORT IS VITAL-  Ever attended a wedding where the photographer just seems ‘out of sync’ from the couple/their guests?  (Think unorganized family pictures that take hours, cheesy poses,  -Did you know ‘posing’ is very different in other cultures and even the parts of the country?! )   Your best bet is to choose a talented photographer you can imagine fitting in well with both you/your fiancé, your family and friends.  No matter how ‘good’ a photographer is–never meeting the client until the aisle or worse yet, not connecting/meshing well-makes it more difficult to get amazing images.  (Especially in very emotional and intimate moments)  Now add in limited time (resort photographers are often only included for a few hours.) a language barrier, or cultural differences…it may be be a case for a lackluster experience.

Many local Charlotte, NC photographers are also lovers of travel and adventure! (Self-included! )  Before hopping on the internet and searching for some out-of-town photographer for your destination wedding–take a moment to meet up with a few local photographers. You just might find the result to be amazing images by trusted wedding pro,  whose company you know you’ll enjoy! (And someone you can share a glass of champagne with when you view your images in your own city upon your return.:-)

Pictured Below:  Charlotte, NC couple (Sarah Catherine and John Garvin)  who wed in Turkey and ‘packed’ Charlotte Wedding Boss Member, Cass Bradley of BlueSky by Cass Bradley to document their experience.

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