We asked Charlotte Wedding Boss member, Aisha Thomas (of Aisha Thomas Events) to share with you her top 3 tips for newly engaged couples as they begin to plan for the big day. Here is her advice:

Woot woot!! You’re engaged!

First of all, congratulations. While this period of time should be enjoyable and fun– without preparation it could become stressful.

Shortly after changing your FaceBook status, you will notice the unsolicited “advice” start to pour in from pretty much every direction. You’ll get slammed with emails, messages, and snail mail. So before you spend any money, attend a bridal show, or better yet purchase your first magazine, I’d like to share three pieces of advice.

1. Relish in the moment! Go get a manicure to accent your new bling. Enjoy your time together as an engaged couple. During this time, attend engagement parties and celebrate with friends. It’s so easy to get ahead of yourself and think it’s time to start planning immediately. Too many times, I’ve seen this happen so my best advise is to Hold off until after you’ve completed #2. Continue to date and every moment together should not be about wedding planning.


2. Have a deep discussion! This is the most important part of wedding planning and your engagement but is also often overlooked. Here you and your fiancé sit down and really talk about what YOU want in YOUR wedding. As I mentioned before you’ll receive so many unsolicited words of advice that without the two of you really talking about what you want, it’s too easy for you to get lost. Discuss what time of year you’d like to get married, who will pay for what and how much you’re willing to invest in the celebration. While you may not know exact costs, it is important to be realistic in that your vision matches the market rates. (A consultation with a planner could also help with creating a realistic budget.) Will your ceremony be traditional? How many guests are you looking to host? On too many occassions I have seen couples secure a venue to only later discover that the formality and logistics are out of alignment. Knowing this information will also help for a smoother planning process.

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3. Research! Now you can attend bridal show and refer to recently married friends about lessons learned. Look to hire wedding specialists who are not only creative, good at what they do but also exude PROFESSIONALISM. Look behind the pretty images and emails to hire professionals who possess the qualities that you and your fiancé have deemed important to you and your budget. (A good wedding planner can help with the process if you’re too busy or unfamiliar with the market where your wedding is taking place.) During this time refer back to what you two discussed. Make sure the professionals you hire mesh with your personalities.

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Again, CONGRATULATIONS! Let the planning begin!


Tips by Wedding Boss Member Aisha Thomas Events

Images by Wedding Boss Member BlueSky by Cass Bradley